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Advanced Hair System
6 week treatment program (6 x 5ml)

  • Helps reduce shedding and hair loss
  • Stimulates hair growth by re-invigorating the hair follicle
  • 6 weeks validated efficacy with no known side effects


How to Use

* Advanced Hair System comes with dermastamper and a pack of alcohol swabs as a free gift (for consumers). The dermastamper and alcohol swabs are not for sale.

  • Open the ampoule following the direction on the metal ring. Be careful when removing the metal ring.
  • Sterilize the derma stamp with the sterile wipes included in the system.
  • Part hair in the areas experiencing hair loss.
  • Stamp back and forth along the length of the parting. Do this 4 x for one hair parting.
  • Apply a few drops of the Advanced Hair System throughout the derma stamped areas.


6 Weeks is All It Takes

6-week Advanced Hair System Treatment Program (for those starting on the Advanced Hair System):

Depending on severity of hair loss, you may need to embark on 2 cycles of the 6 week program

Complete a derma stamp and application routine 2 x a week

Finish using 1 ampoule per week (for 2 treatments)

Do not stop the 6 week program as it will affect efficacy. Do not embark on the 6 week treatment unless you are able to maintain consistency in the weekly protocol.

3-month Advanced Hair System Maintenance Program:

Complete a derma stamp and application routine 1 x a week

Finish using half an ampoule per week (for 1 treatment)

Resume the 6 week treatment program after the maintenance program.

Cycle between the treatment and maintenance programs to sustain healthy hair follicle activity.

Grow your hair
Grow your Confidence

Strengthens and reinvigorates

the hair follicles at the root to support growth and renewal

Helps protect against

inflammatory stressors that cause damage to the hair root

Boosts hair density

for thicker, stronger and healthier hair

Helps to stimulate

regrowth in weak or thinning hair


hair follicle function

Causes no harmful side effects

and is 100% naturally derived from stem cells

*Individual results may vary

Calecim At-Home Hair System

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